Saturday, 26 March 2011

started the morning with a walk around culver. some new ones for the year - wheatear, willow warbler, blackcap, stonechat, plus three goldcrests and a pair of long-tailed tits were building a nest. later went out west and visited a couple of sites i'd not been to before. shalfleet quay had about 60 meds loafing on the island, with a flow of birds coming in from newtown and leaving sw. lots of calling and displaying, lovely birds. then had a walk along the north side of hamstead to the entrance of newtown harbour where a rope swing was the highlight. remarkably spotted another pair of lttits building a nest right in front of the car at shalfleet car park, this time not buried in a gorse bush.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

an example of the smart local race of black red, some pretty much all black. others more like the ones we get in the uk. all birds on the clifftops in the southwest were super confiding:

the point formerly known as the end of the world. aka cabo st vincente

meep meep

orgasm for the eyes

the haunt of azure-winged magpie

some more from algarve

white stork is a protected species in the country, you cant remove the nests so there are many old chimneys still standing within the modern urbanisation. the one above is built over a bar-b-q. scorchio