Sunday, 5 June 2011

house martins have been desperate for rain so they can get busy with nest building. five shoveler on the canoe lake today was a good record but i guess not unexpected with improvements in habo at brading marsh.

another lifer, these were common enough in the costa

bullet-hole eye
orphean, one of 3 warbler ticks

i was lucky just to get this. think barred warbler. in the canopy. bugger
visited a colony of lesser kestrels at alora. lovely birds

was prepared for the spoonbill style views of this lifer. eventually one woke up....

dross in spain. the call is very sparrow like

do lifers get any more exciting than this. thank god they killed off the ruddy duck i say
pallid swifts were very common on the costa. it was good to see that even tho the apartment blocks are new there are plenty of places for them to nest. 

look how white headed they appear when flying head on
beeeeeeaters were my highlight of the spain trip, spesh these birds i came across on a beachside golfcourse. was surprised to see them sitting about on the deck, scattered across the greens, either picking insects up off the ground or making short sorties.

a view of portland from the sky, en route to spain. if i was a vagrant bird, i would

went for a walk in the new forest the other day. pearl-bordered frit was a new one for me. have also been to parkhurst where i had three nightjars and three squeaking leo's