Wednesday, 12 January 2011

some bits for yesterday. Strong passage of big gulls through the canoe lake so disappointing the only thing of interest from two visits around the middle of the day was this juv Argie

Two Lapland Buntings still not giving themselves up with the Skylark flock on the west side of Bembridge Airfield. At least ten White-fronts still at Brading Marsh. Ended up in the harbour with the Brant again in the millpond. Nice views of a Slav at Bembridge Point with a Dabchick, think that's about the closest to open sea I've seen one, and an assortment of waders looked good sitting out the tide lined up on the stakes. Couldn't spot the Sandwich Tern that was around earlier.

 thought these Greenland Lapbos were meant to be easy....

winter dross. Is it April yet?

Black Brant

This bird has been at Bembridge Harbour since 2nd Jan. Two were at the Western Yar at the end of December.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Red Squirrel

investigating the camera lens. watch these in hd
                            cheeky one helping itself

Little Gull

yesterday had a second crack at a Little Gull that's been coming to a garden on the edge of Borthwood. Adult winters look the biz flying over a stormy sea, but I love novelties, and this is a good one. Apparently the bird was present last winter too, and thinking about it makes me wonder if the series of inland records in E Wight in the last decade are related? Didn't take any video but the bird was really vocal, throwing out its tern-like chatter to any BHGull that should come into range. Pugnacious little buggers - they certainly make up for their small size. On the way home popped into the hide at Alverstone. The squirrels are always worth a go, one of the better things about living on the IOW for sure.

Lil' Gee - my favourite bird. Just needs to get its ass down to Sandown Canoe Lake, it's been a while...