Tuesday, 18 December 2012

wack photo but a novelty to see - first-winter standing in front of third-winter caspian gull

first-winter caspo today

Sunday, 16 December 2012

stopped at the ouse project on the way back from shopping this avo to find a brute of a first-winter caspian gull, also a first-winter ylg. didn't have the camera on me so nicked the girlfriend's iphone for a proper record vid.
yesterday at west rise there were gulls moving through but no roost (3 ylg's of note) but found a big gull roost at the west end of eastbourne levels on my  way home. annoyingly even after fighting through a thicket i couldn't find a decent viewpoint before they all got flushed, balls. was then a bit late arriving at the cuckmere but mananged to get onto half of the caspian gulls present in the flock of mostly lessers before they took off. a mix of ages (1st and 2nd winters and adults). difficult viewing conditions and lack of time meant i only got a record vid of one bird. pulled up at the ouse project on the way home where there were a couple more caspos.