Saturday, 4 January 2014

flooding in firle road, eastbourne today
had a look off langney point this morning. brent geese on the go but nothing else, a close great northern the highlight.

Friday, 3 January 2014

couldn't resist going for the white-billed diver, one of my favourite species and a bit of nostalgia for me as one of my first rarities was a bird in similar circumstances. even in winter plumage they're awesome birds and they've got bloody massive bills! on the way home i dropped in for the brunnich's but it was a bit touch and go as i was driving through weymouth whether i'd make it in time. was lucky to catch the last couple of minutes viewing before it disappeared into the marina. other birds seen in the day included 2 black guillemots, 2 sibe chiffs, cirl bunting (a belated uk tick) and stacks of great northern and black-throated divers. sometimes twitching can be good.

never twitched a swallow before. the weather was horrible when i got there and the bird was sheltering in the lee behind the cypress trees. my first in january, only december left now.