Wednesday, 30 March 2011

final ones from portugal

they dont waste anything....

always a pleasure to see now they are extinct back home

typical views, passing from tree to tree, difficult buggers. reminded me of a troop of monkeys especially when following and mobbing a cat. call is a softer slightly more parakeet like caw

should've been a dotterel. cliff top migrant

always had a thing about hummers, one day i'll see one but i doubt it will be like this!
lesserspot is one of my fave birds and to have one using my leg as a tree trunk like these downies do would be unreal
y'day: seemingly good conditions still not producing much, four blackreds at culver and three little egrets in over the seawall and east over the canoe lake.

Monday, 28 March 2011

these cool sheep are grazing culver down

glorious summer like weather continues but not much good for grounded migrants. funny point blank fly by from a water rail that i flushed from an open ditch on sandown levels and finally saw a sandwich tern in the bay. y'day a drake ring ouzel up culver and my first swallow.