Wednesday, 21 September 2011

lol at the fact there's a bird in sussex which hasn't been seen in the uk for 30 years but the site only has room for 15 cars
a very unusual report of a juv golden oriole on the island, flew into someone's window, check the vid whilst looking at pics on the web i came across this page, nice pic of little crake in lap and sheltering from sun underneath a great reed warbler!
copied this off the web. defo need to go!

Yesterday sept 18th seawatchers at Estaca de Bares (Galicia, NW Spain) enjoyed
another great seabird passage. The most remarcable numbers are:

1 Pterodroma - type petrel (feae / mollis / madeira). Very close. The 12th this
year from Estaca de Bares. Another bird was seen the previous day.

3 Wilson's Storm Petrel

27,284 Manx Shearwater

48 Great shearwater

120 Cory's shearwater

1.586 Sooty Shearwater

3 Northern Fulmar (scarce in Spain).

4.110 Gannet

949 Great Skua

650 Pomarine skua

395 Arctic skuA

357 Long Tailed Skua

52 Sabine's Gull

628 Sandwhich Tern

2,743 "Commic" Tern


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