Friday, 6 April 2012

to add to my last post, another osprey that was tracked passing through the island last spring (april 2nd, possibly seen at yarmouth), 'red 8t', was on target again this year and roosted at bathingbourne reservoir on 3rd. impressive without a calendar or a map.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

last spring i was lucky to see one of roy dennis's ospreys 'beatrice' arriving at st caths. this year i've been watching her progress as she returns to scotland but she didnt pass through the iow, east winds pushed her along to purbeck instead, perhaps she was the bird seen at durlston that morning
merlin and willow warbler at culver, maybe my last fieldfare and redwing at brading, 3 foxes sunning out on sandown levels and 8 lbbgulls over
 must be lucky to get a shot of a snake yawning, shame the focus is out on the one showing the fangs