Sunday, 30 January 2011

Back to Ventnor to see what the Razorbills were up to. Back to wearing five layers and still freezing. And this time a bit of a shock to the system having been in Portugal during the week. Razors have eased off, only 320 east this morning, I wonder what went past on Tuesday when there were 12k east at Durlston in one hour?! Nothing much else on the go, loads of gulls moving east and feeding in flocks (on sprat shoals I guess). Three RTD, about 40 Kittiwake east, a Merg on the drink. A visit to the canoe lake at midday produced this adult Argie and what looked like a 1w YLG getting flushed off just as I arrived, plus 37 Shoveler. In the avo I got a look at that Scaup that's been hanging around Dodnor for a while. The only other one I've seen on the IOW was also at the Medina.

The missing eye made it look even more of a brute.

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