Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year's Day

had a wander round Ryde looking for berry trees. Bit of a struggle to find decent habo for Waxwings on the IOW, seems landscapers have an aversion to planting rowan trees here. We dont have the easy sites like supermarket carparks, industrial estates and schools to bring em in. A Raven went over Puckpool, they're regular around here now but ten years ago when I lived in Ryde you'd be bloody lucky to see one in this part of the Island. Quick check of the sea at Seaview revealed distant Slav and GND. Still loads of wildfowl in Bembridge Harbour well after the thaw, 65 Gadwall split between there and the river, most I've seen on the Island. On to Laundry Lane where 12 White-fronts were with the Canadas and the Marsh Harrier flew up the river to roost.

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