Monday, 10 January 2011

Little Gull

yesterday had a second crack at a Little Gull that's been coming to a garden on the edge of Borthwood. Adult winters look the biz flying over a stormy sea, but I love novelties, and this is a good one. Apparently the bird was present last winter too, and thinking about it makes me wonder if the series of inland records in E Wight in the last decade are related? Didn't take any video but the bird was really vocal, throwing out its tern-like chatter to any BHGull that should come into range. Pugnacious little buggers - they certainly make up for their small size. On the way home popped into the hide at Alverstone. The squirrels are always worth a go, one of the better things about living on the IOW for sure.

Lil' Gee - my favourite bird. Just needs to get its ass down to Sandown Canoe Lake, it's been a while...

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