Saturday, 14 January 2012

the iceland influx tempted me back to the tip for the first time in years. it's changed a lot since my last visit and it's not possible to get a clear view of the active tip since a planted conifer stand has grown up a little too high in front of the (now) only viewing spot. there were shit loads of gulls and i could at least bin all the ones streaming into the site from behind me, but in the end all i could pull out the bag was my first adult argie of the winter (!). maybe i shouldn't expect to just turn up after years of neglect and have a caspo handed to me on a plate but i cant help wondering what the situation would have been had i been on the mainland! it was frustrating/boring but i'll prob have to give it another go next week, and maybe more regularly again if i get my driving licence sorted (barely get change from a tenner for a bus return).

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