Sunday, 21 December 2014

still poor on the gull front; down the cuckmere today there were 5 yellow-legs (4 1st-winters which is a good count) and what was surely a herring x lbbg hybrid. the highlight of the day was seeing a delightful group of 6 razorbills at sovereign harbour - i saw a report of these birds yesterday but wasn't expecting them to be inside the marina, i actually heard them before i saw them which was funny (calling to each other lots when the group split up amongst the yachts). there was also a kingfisher in the marina and a common seal in the outer harbour as well as a black redstart on the rooftops

the gull below looked like an argie but had way too much black in the primaries (head/bill not right either), in flight there was also a touch of lbbg jizz. the ringed gbbg also in these pics is from normandy, note also the 1st-winter ylg in the background

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